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Removing Cough Syrup Spills From The Carpet

by admin
10 Oct 2012

 Cough Syrup is one of the most common medicines that we use when fighting a cough. Unfortunately it may cause tough stains after spilled on carpets or upholstery.

Here are some useful tips that might help you to get rid of the cough syrup spills:
• First thing you should do is to remove as much of the stain that is on your carpet as possible. You can rub it using a rag or a piece of cloth.
• Then moisture the stain, that is left after the rubbing, by adding few drops of water on it. Water will absorb some of the dried cough syrup which will help when applying the cleaning solution later on.
• Apply a cleaning solution on the stain. If you don’t have one already or you don’t want to buy some from the store you can easily make a cleaning solution yourself. Just add a teaspoon of ammonia to a cup of hot or warm water, mix it and your homemade cleaning solution is ready. Then apply it on the carpeted area where the stain is and let it stay there for about five minutes.
• Then again rub the stain repeatedly using a clean cloth or a towel. After the cough syrup is being digested by the ammonia this will help to transfer the syrup from the carpet fibres to the cloth or towel. In some cases you may need to apply this method few times for best results.
• Finally wash up and dry the treated area and your carpet will be spotless and clean again.