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Regular House Cleaning

You have a busy schedule, which makes it difficult for you to spend some time on regular house cleaning? You find it difficult to focus on your daily assignments by having the thought of cleaning stuck in your head? Do not spend your precious time in such thought but just call Cleaning Wimbledon for assistance.

We offer our clients regular house cleaning service which is distinguished by its low prices and flexibility and is right here for you to meet your every day requirements. Our excellent and professional cleaning services will surely make your life a bit easier and will set you free from the unexciting, monotonous tasks like house cleaning. Our company is providing trained and professional regular house cleaning personnel, which will surely do the dirty job for you with a good quality and at affordable prices.

Available cleaning services on a regular basis:
  • cleaning all kitchen appliances – microwave, refrigerator, stove, oven and etc.
  • dust work tops and furniture
  • vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • empty the garbage bins
  • polishing all cupboards, cabinets and woodwork
  • sanitising the toilet
  • cleaning tiles and sink
  • windows and mirrors cleaning
  • shower cabin de-scaled
Other rooms – living room, bedroom, hallway, stairs:
  • dust furniture, cupboards, cabinets, tables
  • make up or straighten bed linen
  • vacuuming stairs, carpets and upholstery
  • windows and mirrors cleaned and polished
  • doors, door and window frames cleaning
  • picture frames, skirting boards and radiators cleaning
Cleaning Wimbledon successfully combines the professionalism and loyalty to its clients with the skills of the well trained domestic cleaners. We offer our regular house cleaning service for different periods of time and you can choose from a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription to our services. Our full regular service aims at conforming to your busy schedule, which means that our professional cleaners will be at your service whenever you need their help. And this is valid not only for the workdays, but also for the weekend.

regular-house-cleaning-WimbledonWe are aware that you would like to get to know in advance the cleaner or the cleaning team that will take care of your regular house cleaning in Wimbledon. That is why we are ready to make an appointment for your own security and convenience. It comes from the strong belief of the management team of Cleaning Wimbledon that building trust takes time.
If you already decided to book your cleaner with us, call now on 020 3151 2145 and please, take a note that we need to be informed about it in advance, so that we can make arrangements in conformity with your schedule.