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Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

At Cleaning Wimbledon we use modern and time saving Reach and Wash Cleaning system, which main aim is to meet any requirements. Thanks to the water fed pole, our dedicated personnel are able to reach out and clean even the windows which are difficult to get to. The length of the pole allows our cleaners to reach windows up to 80 feet high. The cleaning is done quickly and professionally right from the ground, there is no need of any alpinists or intricate equipment, which only holds up people from seeing the end results.

reach-and-wash-window-cleaning-WimbledonMost of the experienced reach and wash window cleaners in Wimbledon know that window cleaning is not an easy thing to do, because using ineffective methods can quickly lead to low quality results. Many amateurs in window cleaning make a mistake by using old and ineffective methods of cleaning, which are as well taking longer time.

Reach and Wash window cleaning is a quickly spread method which gradually becomes the preferred one for all professional cleaning companies in London. The best thing about this method is not only its effectiveness and quickness, but also the greater safety for the window cleaners. It makes the risk when carrying out window cleaning lower.

With the development and popularization of the reach and wash window cleaning systems the quality level has been increased and now it is higher than any time before. The reach and wash window cleaning is based on the usage of an extending pole. It is made of carbon fibre and has several sections, which allow for reaching very high windows.
The lightness of the pole and its telescopic handle makes it possible for our cleaners to clean windows very effectively without any streams. The method achieves quick and satisfying result and all that at affordable prices, which allow you to save money.
Try out the Reach and Wash window cleaning in Wimbledon and check for yourselves the difference in the results now.
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