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Carpet Steam Cleaning

 We are using one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods. The advantages of steam are:

  • natural source using pure water
  • cost effective
  • substitute the chemical and toxic detergents
  • kills known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella
  • environmentally friendly
  • suitable for all carpet fabrics and materials
How the steam is so effective with the hard dirt and grime on carpets? It’s very simple. Dirt has adhesive quality and it sticks very quickly to any surfaces. The hot steam melts the adhesive mud, dirt and any other spots and stains and makes the carpet cleaned.
carpet-steam-cleaning-WimbledonCleaning Wimbledon is a reputable company which offers excellent quality steam carpet cleaning services. Our company is popular for being one of the oldest companies working in the cleaning industry in Wimbledon. Our reputation is our most valuable asset and our commitment to steam carpet cleaning is due to the many years experience of each of our steam carpet cleaning technicians. They are well trained and highly qualified in steam cleaning.
Cleaning Wimbledon is among the first companies to provide professional steam carpet cleaning, which is a guarantee that any work you book with us will be professionally done and in the end you will be satisfied and delighted.
Booking a steam cleaning job with our company is one of the best things you can do to enter a freshly clean home.
Being among the first companies providing carpet steam cleaning is a privilege for us and we are trying to keep our position by sending you our professional and well experienced cleaners. After their visit your carpets will be fresh, good smelling and free from stains. This is because we use modern carpet cleaning methods and latest green cleaning techniques, which are the main reasons for us to be one of the leading cleaning companies based in London.
We have steam cleaning equipment, which makes it possible to use eco friendly carpet cleaning methods and to keep in step with the fresh news concerning organic and green cleaning techniques. Our Steam Carpet Cleaning methods in Wimbledon are 100 % Eco friendly as well as the satisfaction of our customers.
To get excellent results we made a team of committed professionals in carpet steam cleaning, which is why deep seated soil and stain are removed as quickly as possible after you book the job.
To book your professional carpet steam cleaning in Wimbledon, call us on 020 3151 2145, or send an e-mail at