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Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips by admin - 09 Oct 2012
 Carpets are beautiful pieces of art and they need to be cleaned regularly. They tend to accumulate dirt, dust and moisture and a regular carpet cleaning ensures your soft floor is maintained...  Full article

Microwave Maintenance by admin - 09 Oct 2012
 Microwaves are vital components of nearly every home today so it is important to learn how to take care of these kitchen appliances properly. I am sure that everyone of you knows how to operate...  Full article

Green Cleaning At Home by admin - 27 Sep 2012
 You don’t need to use toxic chemicals or any other harsh cleaning agents, in order to properly clean your home because there are many Green cleaning products that can be used in cleaning...  Full article

Attention Wimbledon Residents – 5 Things to Remember Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner by admin - 10 Sep 2012
 Any person living in Wimbledon knows that carpets are a vital part of the looks of a house. If a carpet looks dirty or unkempt, it will speak poorly of you to your guests. While you can find...  Full article

Burglar Stabs To Death Brave Street Cleaner by admin - 03 Sep 2012
 I was gutted to find out what happened on this quiet September afternoon in one of London’s upmarket neighbourhoods, not so far away from my beloved Wimbledon. A low life scum (how can...  Full article