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Window Cleaning Tips by admin - 04 Dec 2012
Window cleaning is usually a task that can be easily performed by most homeowners. But in some cases windows are placed high or are difficult to reach and cleaning these windows may require a step...  Full article

Why Hiring Professional Window Cleaners For Your Business by admin - 18 Oct 2012
Have you ever wondered why most of those high-rise commercial buildings preserve their immaculate appearance through the years? The answer is very simple- they hire professional cleaners to take care...  Full article

Stainless Steel Sinks Maintenance by admin - 16 Oct 2012
 Stainless steel sinks are probably the most favourite styles of sinks. They are not only inexpensive but also beautiful and easy to clean. And if properly maintained they can last for a long...  Full article

Green Cleaning Tips For Home And Ofiice by admin - 11 Oct 2012
 Having your home and office organised and clean may not be an easy job to do but it is very important for your comfort and health. If you clean your home or office by yourself you may be...  Full article

Removing Cough Syrup Spills From The Carpet by admin - 10 Oct 2012
 Cough Syrup is one of the most common medicines that we use when fighting a cough. Unfortunately it may cause tough stains after spilled on carpets or upholstery. Here are some useful tips...  Full article